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The Best Online Payroll Companies and Software Reviews of 2022

The 5 Best Payroll Services For Small Businesses

They offer a ton of functionality and flexibility, so you can create the ideal payroll and HR setup for your small business. Payroll services prepare all of the necessary year-end tax forms for your workforce, including W-2 and 1099 forms, and provide them to your employees and independent contractors. Paycor charges a flat monthly rate instead of a per-employee fee, so businesses with very small teams might pay more for it than they would for other software. Zenefits’ payroll system relies on the data collected in other modules of the HR platform to improve payroll processing and tax preparation. Because of these flexible payroll options for small businesses, we chose QuickBooks Payroll as the best payroll service for small businesses.

All you, as the business owner, are responsible for each pay period is entering the number of hours each employee worked and any commissions or bonuses they earned. Deluxe shines when it comes to supporting your team in processing your company’s payroll and complying with federal and state payroll tax laws.

Paid payroll software like OnPay and Gusto are more accurate and secure than free alternatives. They help you save time while avoiding the regulation hassle, so you can focus on growing your business. Payroll is a complex process that requires employee tracking and payment, plus withholding the correct amount for taxes.

Its potential audience is sizable because it’s an exceptional general payroll site that provides support for numerous vertical industries. OnPay rivals Gusto in terms of usability, so both novice and experienced payroll managers could get up to speed quickly. Considering all that they do, these services are—for the most part—reasonably priced, requiring a monthly base charge and per-employee fee. A five-employee payroll could cost you less than $100 per month. With these things in mind, you should be able to make a confident and informed decision on the payroll system that’s a perfect fit for you and your small business. The right payroll software for your business should be easy to use and fulfill your unique business needs.

What Is the Cheapest Online Payroll Service?

Most online payroll software is easy to use and allows you to process payroll in minutes. Patriot Payroll offers an affordable suite of well-regarded products covering accounting and payroll, with add-ons that can cover HR and time and attendance reporting. For price-conscious companies looking for a single, integrated package, it’s worth a look.

Who does QuickBooks use for payroll?

RUN Powered by ADP®

It also offers similar features like guaranteed tax filing accuracy, HR options, time-tracking integration, optional 1099 e-filing and unlimited payrolls.

With this feature, you can easily extend the features of the platform or use your existing software solutions alongside effortlessly. The downside to Paybooks, however, is that it only caters to India-based enterprises and organizations. HRAPP is a comprehensive HR software designed for small businesses in India.

How Do I Want Payroll Taxes Handled?

Deluxe offers services that fit businesses of any size, from entrepreneurs at launch to large enterprises. This platform is particularly useful if your business needs branding, formation and marketing support along with payroll services. Online HR and payroll software take a lot of the work off your plate so you can focus on the work you go into business to do. Below, we’ve rounded up the best payroll services to help you compare and choose the platform that’s best for your business. Microkeeperis a cloud-based payroll software purpose-built for companies looking to graduate from manual computations. Its core functionalities include timesheet management, payroll automation, and online payslip generation. It even comes with a roster management tool that lets you consolidate payroll data from multiple locations.

The 5 Best Payroll Services For Small Businesses

Other products on my list, like Gusto, Paychex, and ADP do offer this set-it-and-forget-it convenience. Reviews we studied consistently noted how easy the platform is for employees to access and navigate. They can self-onboard, print out paystubs, and change tax forms on their own. Everything from Essentials and Select, plus services typically only needed by larger businesses. Also, you have to jump to this tier to get basic services like accounting integrations and garnishments, services offered by others in the top five at lower price points.

What is the best payroll software for small businesses?

Workful is an affordable and easy-to-use application but is not without its restrictions. But, it gets our nod for best customer service because it provides fast guidance with easy-to-understand directions for a small business owner. ADP provides the perfect solution for our payroll and related reporting needs. They understand what it means to be an outsourced service provider and their onboarding process is smooth and easy. Explore our full range of payroll and HR services, products, integrations and apps for businesses of all sizes and industries. The automatic Data Processing payroll is a huge payroll company in the world of business software.

The 5 Best Payroll Services For Small Businesses

Self-service software is designed to integrate with existing applications so you can be assisted in doing it yourself. Full service is what most payroll services offer, meaning that the entire payroll process is streamlined and automated.

Best for Novice Payroll Managers and Very Small Businesses

Businesses that deal with contractors and part-time employees can use the contractor-only plan that charges $6 per person per month and no base price. We also looked at each company’s history, its reputation, and its security practices. Cloud-based payroll solutions can help you organize and automate this onerous task. Some of them offer step-by-step wizards that guide you through the time-intensive process of creating records for employees and supplying the information needed for withholding. They also do all the required calculations, and most of them submit your payroll taxes and filings to the appropriate agencies. Paying employees and contractors is the most complex element of small business accounting.

It’s like having a second finance team, laser-focused on cutting costs. Stay on top of your finances by estimating what percentage of your funds should go to payroll every month, based on your current expenses. Payroll is the largest expense for most small businesses and startups, so it’s important to allocate enough money for it every pay period.

Payroll Software Features

There’s a reason they’ve been voted America’s #1 payroll service, after all. When you add on the extra time and energy of figuring out the complicated payroll system, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a great place to cut costs.

Who is better Paychex or ADP?

Paychex is best for small businesses and startups.

While ADP offers plans for small business owners, those plans can't beat the value of the onsite HR help and 24/7 live support that Paychex brings to the table.

This includes advanced features such as deposits, tax filing, and collection management. Patriot software offers a free trial where you can try all its premium features. Most payroll software has moved to cloud-based solutions, so they’re by and large software-as-a-service companies. You’ll typically pay a monthly base fee, much like a subscription, which also gives you access to support, and you’ll benefit from regular updates to the software. You can find free options, such as Payroll4Free, but you won’t get the automation of a paid service. The brand recognition and years of experience make it ideal for large companies or businesses that plan on growing pretty fast.

They’re all excellent for small and fast-growth businesses with the ability to scale to match your needs. You can also temporarily deactivate your Wave account and stop paying. Small businesses will be able to handle most, if not all of their finances through Wave. Doing the same thing with QuickBooks would be a lot more expensive. It feels like the human on the other end is really invested in improving their service.

  • And finally, their Full Service option will run payroll entirely, transfer data from other payroll services, and guarantee its accuracy — for just $79/month.
  • Two dry cleaners in the same town might have completely different experiences with the same service, based on how they pay their employees or the other business software they use.
  • However, if you’re just interested in online payroll software, options like Gusto or Paycor may mean better value for money, as extra features come at a premium.
  • Most of them offer cheap payroll service at a base price, and then an additional cost per employee added.
  • Typically, the money is withdrawn from the business’s account on selected days before the final payments are made to employees.

Also, it has apps on Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Also, subscription prices are quote-based, so be sure to contact the vendor for more information.

The option to choose a 30-day free trial or 50% off base price for first three months; terms apply. QuickBooks Payroll is a logical choice for the many small-business owners who use QuickBooks Online for their accounting needs. These top payroll products are reliable, easy to use and full of useful features.

  • Gusto recently revamped its pricing tiers and prices, offering three pricing tiers of Simple, Plus, and Premium.
  • Just enter a few employee or contractor details, and many providers will work with your new hire to get everything set up online.
  • Both cost $39 per month; the difference is how much you pay per additional employee.
  • For a small business owner, getting full-service payroll is a smart way to streamline the process and cut down on the amount of time spent processing payroll.
  • You need to take the time to look at each program and see how easy it is to use and navigate.

For businesses in large states like California and New York, Wave offers full-service payroll. With smaller states, they’ll handle payments for you, but you’ll need to file tax paperwork on your own. Enrolling employees in a retirement plan, for example, is a common reason that business owners have to hire help. With Paychex, you have a wide range of plans to choose from and an easy process to get set up. It’s a full-service platform, which means Gusto takes care of tax filings, health benefits, and employee retirement plans.

What is payroll software?

However, this payment industry giant also has a payroll service that’s popular with businesses throughout the United States. QuickBooks, made famous by its advanced accounting software, has a payroll platform that is simple to use for business owners. Let us know if there are certain payroll services you want us to review and we will take it into consideration. The one potential downside of payroll software is that these are usually cloud-hosted services.

The UI could also use a refresh, but at this price point, it isn’t a huge issue. The best payroll software for small businesses is intuitive, easy to use, and can even automate your payroll runs.

The 5 Best Payroll Services For Small Businesses

Dozens and dozens of reviews consistently mention bad customer service—in particular, long hold times. One user noted that before turning to QuickBooks Payroll, they were spending at least an hour each month running payroll. Since converting, though, their processing time has been reduced to just minutes. Their approach to pricing also garners rave reviews from actual users.

Another area where ADP stands out is the attention it puts into its mobile apps. ADP Mobile Solutions goes deep into functionality and simplifies the process for everyone. ADP is a tool built to support your business at every stage of The 5 Best Payroll Services For Small Businesses growth. One area where this is clear is the flexibility built into payroll automation. Even if your payroll plans are straightforward today, as you grow and expand, ADP will still handle your more complex payroll needs with ease.

Here we focus on the package they recommend for small businesses, Paychex Flex Select. I understand that the data I am submitting will be used to provide me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith. Namely is one of the biggest new human resources services in the market.