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I mean, have you actually read the Book of Mormon? I guarantee you that if you read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, keeping an open mind to the gospel, and to the incredible feeling of the spirt, you will feel it. Should Mormonism be founded in an elaborate hoax, as much evidence suggests, then deception is not just an occasional practice, but the foundation structure upon which the entire edifice of the Mormon religion has been erected.

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  • I mean, have you actually read the Book of Mormon?
  • Would you criticize me and call me a fraud, con-artist, a drunk, just because I BELIEVE it is going to rain tomorrow.
  • Usually, this is just a simple link back to where you downloaded the resource.
  • I am VERY THANKFUL FOR MY BAPTIST years it was EXTREMELY rigorous in a study.
  • Even more important, Crouch knew how to write great songs like “My Tribute” (A.K.A. “To God Be the Glory,” 1971) that crossed cultural boundaries and touched people of all ages, colors, and cultures.
  • Angels, gold tablets you lose, magic underwear, you must admit it is far-fetched.
  • On many circuits, you could be considered a “successful” Jesus Music artist or group if you didn’t come home from each tour more broke – and thirty pounds lighter – than you left.

This is a question I have been discussing with some friends recently, and I am very gad to have found and read this article. It is so true that God is looking at our hearts, and if we choose to worship with or without instruments, it doesn’t matter so long as our hearts are in the right place and have a desire to worship God. Since I started in our chruch in January I’ve learned a lot about how chruch services are structured. In terms of the traditional nature of our praise etc, we are working with what we have, rather than grafting in new approaches from outside. The members of our chruch would welcome new approaches/methods within the chruch as long as the message of the Gospel wasn’t diluted / distracted from as can be the case in new approaches of chruch. Two things stand out in most churches – the pastor’s sermons and the music.

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It is another issue if they are so-called “church songs.” It is certainly possible to sing them without worshipping. It happens every Lord’s day at the worship hour when people sing without truly lifting up their voice and praise to God and teaching and admonishing one another. Some may chanson de garderie think it is “sacrilegious” to sing a “religious” song without worshiping, but surely that is true only when it is supposed to be and at a time that it is intended to be worship. Just as listening to religious songs is better than listening to modern music that is often “trash,” playing religious music is better than playing “trash.” I have a book written by a professor who spent his young life in south america working. His pass time was collecting evidence for the BoM.

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And I’ll admit it – sharing Christ through music can be very rewarding, almost addicting when you see lives changed and hearts reborn before your eyes. Once Jesus told His disciples “I have food to eat that you know not of.” And lots of Jesus Musicians found their way to their next gig solely on the strength of that food. With the social and cultural upheavals of the 1960s, mainstream churches eventually realized that they were losing young people by the millions. Ironically, one of the earliest groups to realize this was the North American Roman Catholic Church, which adopted “guitar masses” after Vatican Two.

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Also make sure to check into what it will take to get your father ordained in your state. In my state not only do you have to get ordained, then you have to file paperwork with the state, then once that goes through, you have to file paperwork for the county. A Roman Catholic priest or deacon in good standing cannot marry you outside of the church. There are other sects of Catholicism that can.

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Bensound offers numerous royalty-free tracks for use in any of your church’s online videos. However, you can’t use them for audio podcasts and audiobooks. After downloading, you’ll also get a copy of the license that has all the fine print. Make sure you read this to ensure you’re using the file legally.

But I think the thing that Mav does consistently, that makes our music stick out a little bit is that we’re not afraid of difference. We’re not afraid of having different types of people in the background and seeing what happens when we merge people together. It was never “we’re gonna release this album first and this one next.” Till this day we’re just still feeling our way through. We have a creative team, core team that meets every Monday but there is no three-month or five-month plan. We are just riding off the spontaneity of God.

Certain worship cultures put on stage who their audience is. For years we just put on stage who we saw in the crowd. Certain worship cultures, industries, groups – put who their audience is up on stage. So, if you’ve got an all-white audience who only listens to country, we’re going stick to that and we’re not going to go beyond that, we’re not going to take the risk to introduce something new.

This is where a lot of churches that flow in the Discipleship steam would tend to use secular music. Churches that have a “special” in their service, which is usually a song after worship but before the message may use a secular song with a spiritual theme. Remember the dictionary definition of secular? Many “secular” songs have religious or spiritual themes or meanings.